As the world gets automated, logistics business follows the case. The new technologies provide speed, comfort and lower the costs for the logistics companies and customers alike. But no system, automation or machinery is more intelligent or creative than the person who designs it and operates it with proficiency.

Our people are our most valuable investment. We have a relatively compact but highly efficient group of industry professionals in our headquarters and worldwide offices who has worked at almost all phases of logistics services and in the most reputable firms and institutions related to our business.

As ACE has kept growing through the decades and our distinct company culture and values started to shape, our team have been strengthened by experts and professionals sharing the common vision, goals and enthusiasm. Their passion have been to participate in the making of a new era logistics company which is more customer oriented, creating value added solutions and more efficient.

We are proud and confident of our team’s expertise, knowledge and business intelligence. We depend on them to safeguard our corporate ethical and professional codes to ensure trust and transparency, while providing our customers with creative and flexible solutions to reduce their costs and to improve our service quality.

We will keep on investing in our people as we keep on growing globally. That’s how we will keep on being a solutions provider and business partner of a better intelligence.