ACE aims to keep its healthy growth on the global scale while maintaining its competitive edge, speed and efficiency. Therefore development strategy is more than a couple of enthusiastic remarks on our web site or company brochures; it is in the very core of our business.

The task of our strategic approach is to find the means to harmonize our development with our responsibilities to our customers, partners and the society. We believe in growth with respect to environment, cutting costs while minimizing risks, maximize our profitability as we provide utmost transparency to customers and business partners.

Strategy is our trusted guide and main instrument to turn short term successes into sustaining business relationships; to create business goals out of our immediate realities.


To measure our business performance first we look at the quality of our relationship with our customers and business partners. At ACE we strive to build enduring relationships where transparency is the governing principle.

Cost Effectiveness
Our focus is always on providing the best value to our customers without sacrificing security, service and speed. We ensure that our supply chain operations are cost competitive at each step.

Our growth strategy is to keep developing a diversified product portfolio to reduce the volatility and risk. Diversity reduces our reliance on single a product and market, while providing a wider range of revenue sources.

Customer Focus
We emphasize on understanding our customers better than any other suppliers and service providers. As a result, we end up as not only just another service provider and supplier for our customers, but integral to our customers’ business by being a part of them.

Flexibility and Adaptability
Speed and efficiency have always been keywords, only to increase their importance as the technology gives us new tools. ACE has always been proud to be adaptable and innovative compared to our competition, and to come up with flexible solutions to provide better costs and speed to our customers. This promise is bound by our code of ethics and values, thus we never stretch the rules, but bend ourselves to adapt.