Through ACE warehouses, we invest in first class logistics services by facilitating prompt passage of products to the market through our warehouses. We combine our warehousing and transportation capabilities to aggregate base tonnage and to transport to consumption point.

ACE benefits from having logistic facilities located strategically all over the globe which are either owned solely by ACE Group or in collaboration with its partners.

ACE offers end-to-end logistics services including:

  • storage
  • unloading/loading
  • quality control
  • sampling
  • analyzing
  • weighing
  • warranting
  • strapping
  • packing
  • labelling
  • sorting
  • assembling
  • blending
  • cutting
  • containerization
  • freight forwarding
  • distribution
  • documentation
  • customs clearance
  • supervising
  • consultancy

  • Adaptice